Easy hikes

Easy: simple, easy hiking trails with only short, difficult passages, where you can take in the beautiful landscapes of Tenerife. Simple surefootedness, little concentration required. Simple physical condition is sufficient. Few metres in altitude, slight fear of heights is OK. But still no (easy) „walk on the beach“.

WalkingROUNDtrip, VIP-Tour on Tenerife

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More driving than hiking, also suitable for families and people with slight mobility impairments. A WalkingROUNDtrip consists of the journey, that means a partial (island) ROUND TRIP and a movement part that meets your requirements. The idea is ...

La Gomera, Day trip with shorter hike and round trip.


We would like to show you the unique diversity of this special island. La Gomera is an island of contrasts. There are dry, almost desert-like areas, but also the "rainforest*" Garajonay with its incredible variety of plants. To discover everything ...

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